Help Raise Money for Charity as They Raze the Building

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The Boston Business Journal reports that SCVNGR, a company making apps in the Boston area, is hosting a paintball game next Friday IN THEIR OFFICE BUILDING to help raise money for an as yet undisclosed charity. $500 per team, with half going to a charity designated by the winning team. Details are sketchy right now, [...]

Zodiac Offering 1 of a Kind Marker to Benefit West Point

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At the upcoming 25th anniversary West Point Classic game, the folks at Zodiac Paintball (members of the Master Blasters Team who have a long and venerable history of supporting this game and the West Point paintball program) are offering a raffle, proceeds of which will go to benefit the West Point club. The raffle winner [...]

BuyPBL Releases Latest Video

March 28, 2012 by · Comments Off is pleased to give you the second installment of  WHERE PAINTBALL TAKES US – PALS Thailand Edition. Please find below some info about this episode of our web-series.  If you can spread the word about this video we would appreciate it. The BuyPBL YouTube Channel can be seen at : and the link [...]

Valken Sponsors Avalanche

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Legendary longtime professional team switches to Valken paintballs and soft goods for 2012! New England – March 28, 2012 – New England Avalanche, the recently relocated professional team competing in the National Professional Paintball League, has made the switch to Valken Redemption paintballs and Valken soft goods for the 2012 season! Look for Frank Connell [...]

Sport Smokes Introduces Electric Smoke!

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We are happy to announce the release of our new electrically triggered smoke grenades; the Tactical Smoke Grenade Electric Fire and BattleField Grenade Electric Fire. These electric variations of the popular TSG and BFG feature an integral squib designed to set off the grenade when connected to an appropriate 9 volt power source. The TSG-EF [...]

Let The Sun Shine on Empire Fans: Age of Aquarius Arrives At Empire Paintball

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Surfer Dudes & Beer Maker Dudes Support Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Dudes

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The NPPL, Sapporo, and Loyal Dean Long Boards will be raffling 4 Long boards for the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship. Purchase your raffle tickets for $1 at the NPPL Registration booth. Drawing will be held for 2 of the Long boards at the NPPL Players Party at Endless Food & Fun and the other 2 [...]

If You Are Lucky Enough To Be Going To NPPL HB – READ THIS NOW!

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In order to make player registration and your overall play experience better please consider the following: Air fills please note that all tanks will require Hydro DOT inspection. Tanks will be inspected at the main air station located behind Center Court. There will be three areas where players can fill tanks. You must have an [...]

Islamic Terrorists Cheat When They Play Paintball: Big Surprise

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Thanks to Andrew Sullivan of the DailyBeast for this heads up about a paintball game that took place between four western journalists (and a counterterrorist dude) and a team of Hezbollah fighters in Beirut, Lebanon. Mitchell Prothero reports on vice that the game was designed to help the Hezbollah fighters open up to the journalists [...]

ALERT! Missing Teen – Help Us Find Her

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A cousin of one of the owners of 68Caliber – Katelyn Couture 17 years old – has gone missing and her parents believe that she has been taken by a former boyfriend, 24 year old Dylan Gingues. Gingues is prohibited by bail conditions from contact with Katelyn. Katelyn had previously been held against her will by [...]

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